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Any design changes must be made prior to cutting the fabric. After the fabric is cut, any changes in design may result in the customer having to purchase additional fabric. In addition, design changes may also be subject to additional service charges depending on the individual situation.

Payment is due as items are completed.  Some jobs are finished in sections, each section needs to be paid for when it is picked up by the customer.

Customers are responsible for all deliveries and pickups unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Turnaround on a typical job is three to five weeks depending on the size of the job and the time of year.

Payment options are cash, check, master card or visa.

Customers are responsible for any returned check fees.

Customers are responsible for insuring their measurements are correct. After fabrications, the client is responsible for any cost associated with correcting mistakes due to incorrect information provided by the client. The best option would be to hire an installer who would then be responsible for any incorrect measurements.

In the event the client is supplying the fabric and hardware, any items shipped directly to us must be paid for in advance by the client.  We are not responsible for any shipping or freight charges on products shipped to us on the customers behalf.